Nice to see a post from you again after so long. I'm hoping this means you'll post more. I enjoy your photos, and you write better than any photoblogger I've seen.

Oh, good portrait, too.

Mark Dodge Medlin on 7/5/09

Nice to see you back. You've been missed.
Sam on 7/5/09

Thanks for coming back! Hope to see more of your posts...
DS on 7/5/09

Just want to "Amen!" what Mark said up there.
Emily on 7/5/09

Great to see your new post. I just to click every month to bookmark, to see, is there update. Once, many years ago, your blog inspired me to start mine. Sulevalgus, FeatherLight. I mean, pictures with text, picture and word together. It's in estonian, probably will help a little to understand (link behind my name) Hope to read and see from you soon.
Sulev on 7/16/09

Normally, I'm not into pictures, but your photoblog is a real work of art - very captivating. Glad to see you posting again. Hope you do so more often.

Have a great summer!


Jim Brochowski on 7/16/09

This sounds frighteningly familiar.
wardy on 9/30/09

I had the pleasure of meeting this man. I can not pass judgement in the short time with his company. Some are blessed with parents. Some have to raise themselves. We can't pick our creators, but we can surely be outstandingly better.
coggins on 10/31/09

wow. i've never seen a picture of him. are those tats on his arms of you when you were a fetus or just liver spots?

what were the directions you gave him for this shot?

was it the first time you ever gave him directions of any kind?

i wonder how he took 'em.

come back to the five and dime, scotty l, scotty l.

danny mcweinshenker on 11/30/09