Life is full of rows and rows of NOTHING with tiny lights shining on the interstices of cracks filled to the brim with "IS", where we drove down a road that didn't go anywhere or stopped to pet a dog we didn't know, missing getting run over in the street by a drunk that had one too many.
RHMathis on 4/25/10

The hard pavement is my guide to adventure,what it brings to me or what I go onto the road traveled is knowledge with every city,town,and turn. It is never ending with thoughts and perception of imagination of life. It changes every mile. If you have ever traveled for adventure,then you where seeking knowledge of life..or life found Rhoade scholar says....
bluehighwayrhoadescholar on 6/28/10

Really like the tones and grittiness of this image. Are people not supposed to travel across reservations? I have never even thought about it.
Miles on 7/23/10