Well there you go, knew he was from Arkansas, did not know the town was Hope. His childhood house on wikipedia sets a different scene to the one captured here. Somehow, I think you may have really shown the place though.
ROB on 10/13/09

But for some twists of fate, that could be bubba's truck right there. Great capture. I like the undulating roadway. Most people wouldn't see this scene, way to go.
Bob Towery on 10/13/09

Sounds like there isn't much to recommend Hope other than its famous son - and karaoke.
Guitars on 10/22/09

Miss you man...can we make admens?
C Coggins on 10/31/09

very nice, but where leaders start normally over looked, everyone has a past. some not so Noble.
coggins on 10/31/09

I love streetlights. They look like stars in this shot.

Classic Americana. Very nice!

Jim Brochowski on 11/5/09

great shot love it!
pixeltoko on 11/10/09

Woow what an amazing shot, old car in high lights. Good work!
lolo on 11/20/09

Hi, I like your work! Lots. especially this shot of Hope. Hope springs eternal after all...
Ronni on 9/11/10