Gorgeous. And tasty looking, I might add. Glad to see shots and their stories popping up on here again. Your blending of the two makes for a very enjoyable visit.
Sam on 9/30/09

desfocado on 10/1/09

Yep, you were gone so long I had to scrounge around on the Web for a while to find ya. I had lost the mental link to the name of the blog. It wasn't easy to find without that one piece of knowledge.
MathisRH on 10/6/09

Well I cheat and subscribe to your RSS feed.

Great pic. I'm always amazed at the skill of photographers like yourself who can make even the simplest things intriguing.

Jim Brochowski on 10/7/09

I like the Depth of Field

Awesome Photoblog by the way


Schrodinger on 10/7/09

Wow! Beaut arrangement of still life. Great compo. And the light is spectacular. So nice and smooth, not contrived in any way. Just nice and warm window light. I think this one is awesome.
Bob Towery on 10/13/09

Getting hungry already !
desfocado on 12/12/09

Nice flemish light for this still life!
PixeLuz on 3/4/10