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Change depresses me except when it delights me. I hold dear the queer designs of yesteryear, and I despair a world in which all things exist anew, having pushed aside anything that is old or quirky or simply out of step with the times.

All that said, I shall go to war with myself and claim that change is, at times, magnificent. Look no further than the picture above, and the pictures that appear if you click the back arrow four more times. They were all taken with a phone. A phone. Yes, if you care about images, you will note a certain regression in quality. But it's a technical regression, not an aesthetic one, and I'm finding it increasingly hard to justify the size, weight, noise and, well, *importance* of a DSLR.

Some things shine even in the crude eye of a smartphone. Change is a fine thing indeed. Sometimes.

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The Shape of the Past
July 2013