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I don't often traffic in set shots. And I sure haven't let a work-related photo wander into my exclusive clubhouse for photographic doodlings. But I don't much believe in brick walls, so this one comes sailing in from the other side. The commercial side.

I make this exception because photography is about discovery, and sometimes we discover things in unusual places--even at work. As was the case last week when I got to goofing around with an articulating desk lamp and a scrap of gauzy fabric. The minutes passed trancelike as I manipulated the arm of the lamp, up and down, back and forth, like a kid working over an action figure. And then I hooded the lamp's tiny halogen head in gauze as if it were a Turkish woman in hijab.

And just like that, a mound of cubed cheese became a little bit like art. And work became a little bit life.

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Bending the Light
September 2009