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If you follow this site with any regularity, you've probably become acquainted with the redhead. She has a name, of course, and gives me much grief for ignoring it. But for the purposes of this site, she is the redhead. It just sounds better.

The redhead has many talents. One of them is an astounding ability to look different in every picture I take of her. In fact, about a year ago, when the redhead and I first started dating, I showed a friend her pictures, and my friend just shook her head in disbelief and said, "That is NOT the same person."

Alas, it is.

I invite you to follow along over the next week or so as I display the magnificent variability of the redhead. There is no deception here whatsover. I am not stepping out on the redhead. The pictures are her, and she is they. I swear.

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The Redhead, Part 1
December 2006