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Today was yet another gray and featureless day. My friends and I headed down to St. Petersburg for plates of the famous chicken curry at a British Colonial restaturant near downtown. For me, it was a culinary redemption of sorts. A year ago we came to this very same restaurant, and in a moment of abject stupidity I had ordered a blackened chicken sandwich from a place known for its excellent Indian food. I then picked at said uninspiring sandwich while my friends cooed over their savory curry dishes. I vowed not to repeat the mistake if given a second chance, and today I made good.

Afterward we walked down to the water and checked out Comfort Station #1, a Romanesque Revival public restroom designed to match a nearby Catholic church (as an intentional slap at the church, I'm told). On the way back I spotted the elegant bird above, which I believe is a pelican, but it could be a heron or a crane or something else. My knowledge of the avian world is spotty at best.

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Another Cloudy Day
March 2005