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I hear it's supposed to be sunny in Florida. I wouldn't know. Each March I drive down to spend a few days with a close friend in the St. Petersburg area, and each time it rains for most of my visit. My rain-making talent has become so legendary that my friend, who works in the tourism industry, is close to banning me from further visitation.

This afternoon my friend and I wandered around the streets of his Largo neighborhood. It was the first time I've had company on a photo expedition since starting this site. At first it was a little distracting. But after a while I began to enjoy explaining why I was taking photos of a parking lot, or a crack in the road, or a gnarled tree. He suggested we make an expedition to Tarpon Springs, a quaint old town where the sponge boats dock and where better material surely abounded. But I told him I enjoyed the challenge of finding photos where photos aren't easy to find. After a bit we wandered through a deserted parking lot and saw this light stanchion holding forth against a windy, stormy sky.

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Florida Nonshine
March 2005