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I was running behind schedule so I had to drive the interstate for a few hours. This is never a happy occasion for me, but sometimes circumstance prevails. I did yield to my desires two hours before sunset, hopping onto a small North Carolina rural route to see real America bathed in the golden light of late afternoon.

I wandered into the town of Selma, saw a battered old train station made of rotting wood, jumped out to explore it. Then I wandered around the town itself, peering through the windows of antique stores and a little place called Betty's Tax. It is nearly April and I could see Betty--or a woman I assume was Betty--hard at work. Then I turned into an alley, looked up, and saw the sun and a few smoky clouds working out the details of the upcoming sunset.

I left Selma replenished and headed back to the interstate. I still had time to make up.

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Sun Over Selma
March 2005