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I never intended this to be a daily photo blog. I didn't want the pressure. But a funny thing happens when you share something personal and people respond. It makes your day. And then it makes the next day. And the day after that. Pretty soon you don't dare skip a day for fear that people will shrug and move on to the next thing and you will be forgotten. I'm sure that happens all the time in the million-channels world of the Internet.

So you start shooting photos for your guests as much as for yourself. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It is what it is, I guess.

Late this afternoon, with about 30 minutes of daylight left, I gathered my gear for a quick expedition to find my daily shot. Just as I was leaving, I saw this view from my office window. It was the kind of scene you see only in the dying moments of an overcast winter day. So I fired off a handful of shots and wound up staying home.

Sometimes the greatest journeys are the shortest ones. In this case, I didn't need to journey at all. I merely needed to swivel 90 degrees in my office chair.

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March 2005